Talent Agents’ Organization (TAO) is a professional organization of legitimate and topnotch agents in the Philippines. Composed of THIRTY-THREE (33) members, its main vision is to unite and professionalize the talent agencies in the Philippines as well as meet the constant demands of talent requirements of all its ever-growing set of clients.

TAO was formed in 1989, with a small group of talent agents, headed by Susan M. Dalton of FACES. Its primary objective is to professionalize the talent provider industry and to promote proper ethics within its member agencies. It was reorganized through the years and now, Miss Dalton is the Vice President – Internal Affairs.

This administration’s groundbreaking initiative was the transformation of TAO from a social club to a full-fledged company registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It has implemented a Platform of Governance and Program that, when in full effect, the advertising industry can expect better sourcing, more efficient service, and higher standards from its member agencies. Committees have been formed to tackle every concern and issue of both members and the clients. The “I am Exclusive” campaign has solved the tug-of-war of talent agents for models who have more than one talent agent representing them.

This year's board plans are to shift the focus back on the building blocks of the organization - the members; to educate the members and make the organization work for them.

Among the new board's plans are membership expansion; seminars on trade guidelines and the proper conduct of business; a more active and updated website (www.taophil.com); and the implementation of the TAO ID system.

This is all consistent with the vision of TAO to continue promulgating professionalism to unite and solidify the talent agency sector.

The never-ending search for that fresh new face continues and so will TAO’s constant improvement in providing for its ever-growing clients in the Philippines and the rest of the world.




To unify and strengthen the Philippine Modeling and Talent Management industry, as it establishes its leadership in the Asia Pacific Region.


TAO is an integrity-based organization, with a mission to provide ethical and efficient trade policies to enhance the business of its members and uplift the industry as a whole.

The TAO Board Members







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